Basic 4 / 6 Players Hardwood Wooden Croquet Games Sets For Beginner / Starter

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1set croquet set per carry bag

Basic 4 / 6 Players Hardwood Wooden Croquet Games Sets For Beginner / Starter

1) Material Options

Option A. Kembat Hardwood

Option B. Rubber Wood


2) Comes with 6pcs Hardwood Mallets, 1" in diameter & 32" in length

3) Comes with 6pcs Hardwood Mallet Heads, 6.0CM in diameter, 18CM in length


4) Comes with 9pcs Solid Steel Hoops, 0.6CM in diameter & 11x44CM in dimension


5) Comes with 2pcs Hardwood Centre Peg, 1" in diameter & 61CM in height


6) Comes with 6pcs PE Balls, 7.0CM in diameter


7) Comes with 1pc Zipper closed carry bag with carry handles & shoulder strap, estimated 25x25x98CM in dimension


8) The paint finish will deteriorate from first use, due to the nature of this game

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It can always be great to play a game of croquet with family and friends but sometimes there might be more than 4 players. A 6 player set is fantastic if you want to enjoy the game with lots of family and friends and means you can play together. However a 4 player croquet set is still a brilliant way to share the fun and enjoyment. If using a 4 player set each game can consist of 4 players and the players can be rotated for each game. Whist not playing your fellow players can stand and spectate as well as cheering the players on.